Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Choice: Your Favorite Supporting Character

Hey there people, I was debating with a friend today (no self gratitude jokes) over who is the best character in Video game history.... barring main characters. So not Master Chief, not Gordon Freeman, Not Desmond from Assassins Creed (a joke OK .... just a joke), but those awesome characters who are with/against in a game and end up making you just want to be them. I know my choice was easy for me because...
Come on now, is there anyone better.

But then there's awesome characters like Wheatley and GLADOS from Portal 2. Rusty from LA NOIRE. Sergeant Johnson from the Halo Series and Emile from Reach. However these are just at the top of my head and although i could real off 20 names from Mass Effect games (please don't act surprised), what i want to know is what are your guys favorite non-main protagonist character, comment below and let me know, there shall be a video on the horizon from the answers, and you can vote Garrus too... you know you want to.

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  1. I am a big Master Chief fan only because the games and the story are so damn addicting. More addicting than some RPG's. Haha, sad but my mind. XP

  2. GLaDOS from the Portal Series
    Wheatley from Portal 2
    Atlas from BioShock
    Garrus/Legion/Thane from the Mass Effect Series
    Maybe even Dom from the Gears of War Series

    Im sure there are more awesome characters out there, but they are not memorable enough.